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Audi S4

Audi S4 Rental Malaysia – Technical Features and why you should hire it


Audi s4 2


The new and revised Audi S4 is quite a stunner which everybody would like to crave for. It is a really high performance car and also an executive one which will be appreciated by everybody. You must be wondering as to why out of all the other models of the Audi series, you are being recommended to this specific one. You will know the reason when you get to see the specifications of this car. The original model of S4 had been built in the year 1994 but it was only performance based. But the new S4 will not only shock people on the basis of performance but also looks.

The specifications of Audi S4

  • Efficient Engine: It has the most powerful combustion engine that makes the car even more powerful than its former model. This also ensures the fact that whenever you ride, no matter how the road is, you will also be getting a smooth ride as well.


  • Upgraded brakes: The brakes have been upgraded for the sake of your safety. The former brakes were of the normal sort that was not adequate for the kind of speed up that Audi took. Now the breaks are automated so that even if the driver is not careful for the moment and applies brakes in the last moment, then also it can give the desirable results.


  • Firmer suspension- The suspension in this new model is so firm that no matter how ragged the road is, you won’t feel a thing. If you have a tendency for taking your family out for a trip and you have elderly people in your family then you can take them in this car so that the journey is very suitable and comfortable for all of you and your family.


  • Better road wheels- In the former model the road wheels were good but not of the best possible quality. In this model the wheels has been upgraded so that there is more friction between the road and the wheels and there is less chances of occurrence of any accident. Better road wheels mean better safety for you and your family.


  • Strong engine- The engine of this Audi S4 is so strong that it makes the car very hardy to go for long drives. That is a very good advantage of the car and makes it even more desirable than it already is. So if you are looking for a good car with strong engine, then you should go for the Audi S4 if money is no matter to you.


  • Stylish looks- If you are going to go for choosing the car on the basis of looks, then it is best to go for the Audi S4 as because the sleek look and elegant tough of this car is definitely a head turner.


Whenever you go on a ride in this car you will see a lot of appraising as well as jealous looks touching you.


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