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Volkswagen Beetle

Soft Looking But Sturdy & Fast : The Volkswagen Beetle Rental


We offer the Volkswagen Beetle rental in Malaysia for your convenience. It is suitable for day to day use or wedding occasions.

Remember being a kid? Seeing a Volkswagen Beetle and punching your friend saying, “Punch buggy no punch backs!” This car holds fond memories for both kids and adults alike.The Volkswagen Beetle has been around since the 1930’s. This car is a German manufactured car that has a rear engine, it was manufactured at the request of Hitler back in world war two. He needed a car that was inexpensive and functional.

Apart from the history with Hitler there have been several movies where the Volkswagen Beetle has been the star. Movies such as “Herbie” and “The Love Bug”. In the past the car has been named “The People’s Car” and “The Car of the Century.” The Volkswagen Beetle is a car you always wanted to drive or a car you have at home and love driving. The rental car business is where you find what you not only need, but want.

This is a car for your trip or for your needs due to your personal vehicle being at the mechanics. The Volkswagen Beetle would fulfill your needs for riding on the beach, driving to the theme parks, or your daily needs.The Volkswagen Beetle has many styles, but their look is either the convertible or the hatchback.The Beetle is a two door car that can fit four. It has an automatic transmission, that can be driven as a manual stick or as an automatic stick.

This car can also accept diesel or gasoline. Plus the fuel economy is 25 city and 34 HWY with a 14 gallon tank. Today’s gas prices average range are $1.70-$2.00 a gallon and this car would get you where you want to go without high expense at the pumps.The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle has a turbo 1.8 liter engine. The horsepower on this compact car is between 170 and 210. If the someone decided they enjoyed the car so much they wanted to buy it the average price brand new is between twenty and twenty-six thousand.The Beetle has a five star safety rating with standard safety features that are fully equip with airbags for the driver, passenger, and on each side of the front. This car also has Car-Net safety system which controls roadside assistance along with crash and stolen car assistance. Car-Net also has a agent destination assist and car locator that can be used with the Car-Net mobile application on smartphones though Google Play and Iphone.

The Volkswagen Beetle looks as if there isn’t much room, but you would be surprised to know that this car is spaciest. The car fits people that could have two in the front and bags in the back or a small family. The front has four and a half feet of shoulder room and a little over three feet of leg and head room. The back has three feet of head room, two and half feet of leg room, and four feet of shoulder room.Through multiple travel websites the average range of rental prices are around forty-five dollars. Rental car locations can be located when you get off a plane or in your home town.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a great rental car with their excellent specifications, fuel economy, and rental prices. Your trip or home needs would not be complete without this excellent compact car.

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