Porsche Cayman Rental Malaysia

Our fleet of  luxury vehicles for rental includes the Porsche Cayman. It is suited for Sports Car Rental for driving pleasure and to pickup by yourself in the KLIA Airport.

Everyone loves small sports cars. They look great, aren’t fuel-thirsty, and drive superbly. Everyone also loves Porsches for their ingenuity and classiness. But what about a small sports car made by Porsche? Well, that would be the Porsche Cayman.

If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; you don’t have to think too hard. You can rent a Porsche Cayman, and experience the joy firsthand. Let us show you what you could be dealing with first.


It sports the traditional Porsche looks

One great thing about Porsche cars is their signature look. With rounded headlamps based on the VW Beetle and a curved body – one can be spotted from a mile away. The Cayman is no exception, as it maintains the stunning and sporty style of the Porsche formula.

The Cayman sits low on its large aluminum wheels. It also sports ferocious-looking taillamps. The Cayman has no spoiler, yet it still looks like it can take out anything on the road. If you want a good-looking entry-level Porsche in Kuala Lumpur, you can’t go wrong with a Cayman.


A well-built interior

Inside, the Cayman has a good-looking interior that boasts good quality. The interior features leather and hard polymers, which makes it feel rigid. You sit low in comfy and supportive bucket seats. The required buttons and switches are also easy to find. It can seat up to two people.

The Porsche also has two trunks, one in the back and a smaller one in the front. These storage options are some of the best in its class. You also get some more space for storage inside the cabin with the glovebox, door pockets, and a cargo net.


It is not just looks and no tech

While the prime function of a sports car is to ride and have fun with it, tech matters too. Hence, the Porsche sports a 7-inch infotainment system, along with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The sound from the infotainment will reach your ears through the 8-speaker system.

It also offers features for driving assistance. These include but aren’t limited to a rearview camera and parking sensors. Other than that, you also get a cruise control system and assistance while parking.


Ride and fuel consumption

The Cayman is a full-fledged sports car. It rides and handles beautifully. Its steering is super-accurate and it meshes well with the chassis. It can give you a gentle ride or an aggressively fast one based on how you set it. It delivers on the driving experience as only a Porsche can.

The Cayman has a 14.2-gallon (53-litre) fuel tank. Its small engine allows it to achieve 21+mpg or 9km/liter city and 32mpg or 13.6km per liter highway. These are good numbers. They mean that you should worry about absorbing the drive, rather than the fuel stoppages.


The engine

As quick and astonishing it is to drive, you’d expect the Cayman to have a large, gas-guzzling engine under the hood. Instead, you get a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, situated in the middle. The power output is 300hp and 290lb-ft (393N.m) of torque.

Mated to this tiny beast is a wonderful 6-speed manual transmission. The power goes to the rear wheels. This impressive powertrain helps the Cayman reach 100kph from a standstill, in around 4 seconds.



Based on what you’ve just read, you’ve probably become a fan of the Cayman. But why not?  It has got the looks; a great driving style and it is a luxury statement.

We’re warning you though, as it is a real sports car, for real enthusiasts. So, you should be able to drive well, if you want one.

Let’s say you can, and you need to rent one in Kuala Lumpur. Simply hit up the button below and we’ll take care of the rest.