Mercedes Bridal Vehicle Hire

mercedes S350


Ever wanted to hire an elegant, comfortable and classy wedding car? Look no further because the Mercedes S-Class is our highly recommended vehicle of choice for you. Here are the reasons why you should hire a Mercedes S-350 for your wedding day:

  1. It is larger than other sedan vehicles. Your big day means you need to be big in your wedding car too.

    mercedes s400 class

  2. The interior space is large enough for the bride and bridegroom to sit comfortably. Imagine having large leg space in front of you. It means you can stretch and not feel too tired upon arriving at your destination.
  3. It comes with a nice plate number which means it will bring you luck for your entire wedding journey together (for chinese especially).

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Air Conditioning & Circulation At The Back

Don’t forget the reason why it’s comfortable is also because of the ventilation at the back where it has two adjustable air condition and also at your feet.

Get this vehicle now before it is taken up for your wedding day, whenever it is. Contact us or head to our booking page now!


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