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Volkswagen Car Rental

Volkswagen Car Rental Malaysia – Comfort and Convenience

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The Volkswagen brands typically brings comfort to its drivers despite being in a small to medium size vehicle. It usually comes with air conditioning with Climate Control to ensure the air condition is automatically adjusted to suit the temperature set digitally whatever the weather is outside. This allows the driver to be used to his/her driving temperature all the time.

In addition, the multifuction steering wheel design by Volkswagen is usually simple enough for drivers to use. The design also ensures that you do not need to take your eyes off the road when pressing the button on the steering wheels. Most models also come with auto rain sensors to ensure you also do not need to lift a finger when it rains because the wipers will automatically activate itself to turn it on for you.

Despite the smaller models such as the Volkswagen Polo, it also comes with electric door mirrors so that it can be folded when you park at a tight spot, eventhough the car is usually small enough for you to park in tight spots.

For more advanced package, some also come with the High Beam assist where it will drop the high beam upon detection of opposite coming cars coming towards you.

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