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Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Rental Malaysia – Rent Efficient Car


Here comes the best selling car, at least in to the Americans since the early 2000s. This car churns out 178hp with its 2.5L four-cylinder, six-speed automatic transmission. Ranked as the ultimate “family man’s” car, this vehicle does pretty well with fuel economy giving you a satisfactory mixed consumption of 9.0L/100km.

The vehicle is extremely reliable, lavish quality finishings, generous space and drives like a smooth cruiser. Even the engine howls close to silence and the ride is solid without feeling ‘floaty’ thanks to the firmer suspensions and quicker steering gears in this newer model.

The Camry comes with a seven-inch DVD-AVN touch screen sytem which essentially equips the car with ‘bluetooth’, navigation, reverse camera display, DVD, USB and smartphone links for most mobile teles nowadays.

One thing quite special about the Camry as compared to its competitors along the same range is that new technos such as ‘direct fuel injections’ and ‘turbocharging’ is not applied here. Instead the Camry achieved its improvements through optimized gearing ratios, more aggressive torque conversions, lighther tyres and electric power steering all equating to a fulfilling ride.

Not to mention Toyota even focused on weight loss for this model, shaving off 155 pounds through better build combinations. This vehicle is multi-purpose; anything from work-related commuting to taking a family off for an excursion… Want to get a Camry? Contact us now or make a booking immediately.

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