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Stag Party Ideas

  Top 10 Stag Party Ideas in Malaysia!

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So, you have finally decided to pair up with your soul mate and ready for the grand wedding? But this will also entail responsibility and restraints in certain aspects as you go down the path. So why not go with a big bang? Bachelor party celebrates the free spirit of the Bachelor. Let us have a look at some great party ideas in Malaysia – an exquisite location in the Islands.

  1. An Adventure to the Highlands: It will be quite different and can be very rewarding as well. Pack your bags with your buddies and travel the highlands and the tranquil nature as you may not get the peace of mind later. Even go hiking.
  1. Camping: Malaysia has plenty of rural landscapes and beaches where you can go camping. Enjoy a bonfire with some roasted meat and maybe beer. Nothing like a good old camping with your best mates just like back in school.
  1. A Beach Party: Being an island, there is absolutely no lack of great beaches. Throw a beach party and dance to your favourite tunes. Have some beer and dance some more. Parties are always fun and you may be going back with some wicked funny moments.
  1. Single Malt Smoothness: Albeit not a cheap option, you will be shelling out the dimes but the taste and aroma will surely bowl you over. There is nothing like an old bottle of whisky ready to be cracked open and enjoyed with some great discussions. Kuala Lumpur has some great whisky bars that will provide you with the most exotic stuffs you can have.
  1. To The Sea: Be it fishing in the deep sea or resting at the beach or surfing, Malaysian beaches will provide you all. Fishing in the high seas has its own thrill and especially so with a yacht. You will be going back with a sense of achievement and it will be the perfect getaway with your friends.
  1. Night Clubs: Go old school and hit the night club. Shake up some cocktails and maybe even strippers. Who knows, it can be the best night of your life.
  1. Golfing: Yes, a subdued one but it can be right choice for the right person. You can have great talks over a game of golf and compete with each other – all this in some great golf courses in the country.
  1. LAN Party! Hook up your PCs and start up your favourite games. Go for some old school FPS or Fantasy games and shoot the crap out of everyone.
  1. The Casino: Maybe this is your lucky day (or night). Kuala Lumpur does have its Casinos and maybe you will be coming with a fat purse!
  1. At Ease in Home: There are quite a few people who would rather lock up home with best mates along with some booze and maybe a game of poker or their favourite blockbuster marathon. Keeps the juices flowing and your pocket healthy!

While it does not have to be this way always, an extravaganza may be worthwhile for the occasion. You won’t be getting Bachelor’s party every week after all!

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