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Audi S5

Audi S5 Car Rental Malaysia – Technical Specs & Benefits

Audi steering

If money is no object to you, and you want to buy car that will be a total head turner then why not go for the best right now? And there are a very few cars that can be labelled as the best of the lot. Among the very few, you could go for the Audi S5 that is getting a lot of praises in the national as well as the international level. If you have the money, why not go for the one which every people dream of? The Audi S5 is a superior car compared to its younger brother, the Audi S4. This vehicle is suited as the main wedding car or even as a car for the groomsmen.

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The specifications of Audi S5:

  • Amazing wheel drive- This sedan car promises you with a buttery smooth ride because of its all wheel drive. This is because of the fact that the wheel is one of the most modern and upgraded types that again gives the Audi S5 a groovy look. When you ride in it, you will have a really royal feel and this is the car that you will like for taking your family in a weekend trip. The interior of this car is so spacious that you will not have to face any problem while taking your family in it.
  • Twin turbo engine- This car consists of a strong engine system so that the car cannot be affected by rough roads and long drives. It may be a sedan but this car has been designed as such that it can be taken for hardy outings too. The sleek look of the car gives out a tinge of style statement that you can carry along with you whenever you move out.
  • Interior settings- The interior settings of this car has been fixed so that so you can go anywhere without a single tinge of hesitation even if you do not know the roads. The ample voice navigation system ensures that you can reach the destination safely. There are other settings that can help you to be safe as well. Like the backward moving voice alarm. Supposing you are all alone in your car and you are trying to park it somewhere. Now if you are very close to some obstruction while parking then the car can sense it and tells you to stop so that it does not get damaged in any way.
  • Triple lock system feature- There is another sensor in the car that is meant for its own security. The triple lock system of the car ensures that nobody can barge in without the help of a key and thus steal your car. Even if you are far away from your car then also you will be getting a notification in your mobile about the unwanted intrusion (for some models only).
  • Security- The next fabulous feature that has been added to this car will definitely lure you towards this car. Supposing you are tired and you are driving late at night all alone. You feel drowsy and you dose off just for a bit. The car is so smartly designed that it will immediately sense something wrong and will get stopped. Not only that, it will raise an alarm that is bound to wake you up
  • Exterior Looks– The exterior beauty of the car will stun you once you set your eyes on the same. It has been officially rendered as one of the top ranking best looking cars and in the whole of the Audi series, none is comparable to this.

So no wonder you would like to “own” the Audi S5 so as to keep yourself and your family safe while driving.

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