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London Cab Wedding Car Rental

Need A Taxi To Pick Your Bride? Rent A London Cab

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The cab above is now available in Malaysia and it is available for rent only on Wedding occasions. It is not to be used for self drive or day/week/month rentals. Because it is so special for weddings, it is extremely rare in the marketplace, hence it is an excellent choice for wedding occasions in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its vicinity. We can also cater for your wedding car decoration needs if you choose to pick the car and deco with us at an attractive packaged price.

Weddings have one important component that can be easily overlooked in the chaos of wedding rituals and customs. That is the wedding car. Not only do you need a car that will drive your bride and all her bridesmaids to the wedding venue, but also a car to escort you both away from the church or the venue once the celebration is done and over with. The choice of a car can be a dilemma as the car has to be as special as the occasion and yet be practical and roomy to accommodate everyone. One of the best cars for the occasion is the London Cab or the Hackney Carriage. With HyperLuxuryCar.com, you too can have the perfect car of your dreams for your marriage ceremony.

History of the London Cab

The London Cab or the Hackney Carriage has been in circulation throughout London since the year 1664. The carriages have a wide history and have undergone a number of changes since the first model came out. However the iconic shape of the carriage has prevailed throughout the ages and so has the iconic black colour of the famous London Cabs. The car thus can be considered to be a traditional car for a wedding. Some of the features of the London Cab that makes it a perfect rental are listed below.

The vehicle is extremely spacious: The interiors have a good foot space and a good height inside the carriage that makes getting in the car with big wedding gowns a piece of cake. The London Cab has a 4-door saloon type body with a front engine and looks extremely elegant and classy. With internal headrests in the TX4 models, the cabs are also extremely comfortable to ride in.

Powerful Engine for great performance: The car features a 2.5 litre VM Motori R 425 DOHC diesel engine that runs seamlessly on the roads and has a good power of 101hp or 75kW at the rate of 4000 rpm. The torque produced by the car records at 180lbf at the rate of 1800 rpm. The engine has additional features like the five-speed auto transmission with the Chrysler 545RFE engine. Alternate versions with Eaton FSO 2405 and Five-speed manual transmission are also available in the market.

Eco-Friendly in nature: A new technology that uses hydrogen fuel cells has been introduced recently as a modification by the HyTEC (Hydrogen Transport for European Cities) that allows a range of 250 miles and a top speed of around 80mph and promises a better alternative to the consumption of traditional sources of energy like petroleum or diesel. Thus, the cabs are also environment friendly.

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With the great popularity of the London Cabs or the Hackney Carriages, it comes as little surprise that it is one of the most sought after vehicle when it comes to wedding vehicles. Opt for this tradition filled car that will also give back to the environment. With this London Cab car, you can be assured that the ride will be the ride of your lifetime. Get it now for your wedding occasion before it is booked! You can do so by contacting us or use the Online Booking page.

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