Vehicle Suited For Kuala Lumpur Corporates To Hire

Sedans – you just can’t live without them. The automotive titans know this and hence there are quite a few available. However, none of them have the class that the Mercedes E250 possesses.

It is an E-class so it is luxurious and tech-filled. It is a saloon with a mid-range engine so it goes easy on your wallet. The E250 is the perfect car to rent if you’re travelling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Let’s just see what it offers.

A sleek exterior

The Mercedes E-class has never let consumers down in the style department. The car has a handsome look that rubs off on its owner’s personality. The big grill, the three-pointed star, and the 18-inch rims – these complement the E250’s charming body stylings.

It’s not just beauty however. The Mercedes E250 has also been styled keeping a wind tunnel in mind. So, it is aerodynamic as well. Another good thing is that whether you’ve got an E63 or an E250, the stylings are pretty much the same.

Whether you rent the Merc E250 in Kuala Lumpur, or in Kolkata; it will look spectacular regardless.


A cabin loved by all

No matter what your aesthetic sense is, you’ll love the decency and functionality of the interior. Leather upholsteries cover many components, which themselves have been built with the finest quality standards. The steering has an amazing feel to it and the instrumentation is right where you’d want it and easy to read. The wedding couples would love to be in one of these especially in the hot climate of Malaysia.

You’ll sit on the comfy seat in a great driving position and forget that you have somewhere to get to.

The E250’s cabin is the most spacious in the class, whether you’re talking headroom or legroom. Plenty of storage spaces exist as well, and the boot is big enough to contain the largest of egos. The interior of the Mercedes E250 has been built for real people with care.

German engineering tech at its finest

What’s the best part about German cars? They’ll show you what features the Toyotas and Hondas will have ten years from now. The E250 has electrically adjustable seats, automated emergency braking, auto-dimming mirrors, and keyless entry. Words cannot describe the parking spot detection system that will even turn the steering wheel for you after a parking has been spotted.

It also keeps you safe and in lane with its forward collision detection warning, lane assist and blind spot warnings.

For info about more features, rent out a Mercedes E250 from X in Kuala Lumpur.

Ride and fuel economy

The main thing that sets apart a Mercedes E250 from a regular saloon is the smoothness and quietness of the ride. The air-friendly exterior mentioned above keeps the wind noise away like how an apple does a doctor.

The E250 does 13L/100km (18mpg) which is pretty decent based on the engine and size of the car. Any questions about the fuel economy will be forgotten once you put your foot down.


Getting to the engine; the E250 does pretty well with its 2L turbocharged four-cylinder. The engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic that bolts the E250 to 100 in around 7 seconds.


The Mercedes E250 is the best vehicle to get if one’s looking for a saloon car. It treats you with style and luxury, while going easy on the fuel budget. It offers practicality and there’s nothing unnecessarily flashy about it.

You can get a small Japanese saloon to get from A to B. This will do the same, but in style. Its functionality also means that no one will question your decision.

Get your Mercedes E250 now if you’re in Kuala Lumpur from us now.