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Ferrari 488

Ferrari 488 RentalFerrari 488 Rental Malaysia

Our fleet now include the Ferrari 488 and is available for rental here in Malaysia.

You might be looking for a mindbogglingly fast supercar that can also be driven in the city. Well, look no further than the Ferrari 488. Just like its predecessor, the 458; it’ll give you the ride of a lifetime. It will also look absolutely stunning while doing it.

The Ferrari 488 is an optimal choice for a rental supercar. This is especially if you’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or anywhere else without subpar roads. So, let’s take a look at what makes one click.


That gorgeous but useful exterior

When you’re rolling in a Ferrari, no other car will turn more heads. It is low and wide, with its curves sculpted to look as breathtaking as possible. It is one of the best-looking rental cars in Malaysia.

Like always, Ferrari has gone the extra mile to combine aestheticism with functionality.

The Ferrari 488 utilizes vents, ducts, and splitters that funnel air, making it more aerodynamic. This makes it more stable and grippier to cope with the powerful weapon under its bonnet. It also increases heat dissipation and reduces air pressure, to keep the car cool and stress free.


An exotic interior awaits you

The Ferrari 488 also offers an interior, that mirrors the allurement of the exterior. Streams of suede and leather run through the cabin. Finely finished pieces of metal embellish it.

Amongst the plushness, are the bits of carbon fiber. These remind the occupants that their car has been built with strength and lightness in mind. This helps maintain a good power-to-weight ratio, not that the car lacks in power. The driving position is low to maintain stability. It also keeps you near to the road below you for maximum sportiness.

There are also some cubbies and pockets available for storage. The trunk can handle your golf clubs or even your suitcase with ease.

This kind of interior is suited for the corporate people who wants luxury as their priority.


What’s the tech available?

Should you get your mind off the performance of the Ferrari 488, you can enjoy numerous other features. These include but aren’t limited to dual-zone automatic climate control, a six-speaker sound system, and Satnav. Rear parking sensors and a camera add ease while in reverse gear.


Ride and fuel consumption

The Ferrari rides like a dream for many. Your ability to cruise in it is helped by the cruise control and sporty seats wrapped in leather. The only sound you’ll hear is the one from the engine, which no one really complains about.

Trips to the petrol station won’t be as frequent as you expect. The fuel consumption is around 15mpg (6.38 kilometers per liter) city and 20mpg (8.5 kilometers per liter) highway.



The engine

Last but not the least, there’s the spectacular engine. If you rent the Ferrari 488, you can light up the streets of Kuala Lumpur with the sound of its ferocious 3.9-liter V-8. The engine produces 711hp and 768N.m of torque and is mated to a 7-speed auto.

This mountain of power helps slingshot the 488 from 0 to 100 in around three seconds. Yet, we do not recommend this if you cannot handle it!



So, the Ferrari 488; what a spectacle of a vehicle! It is a car that is worthy enough to sport the “Prancing Horse” badge. This is indebted to its looks, its functionality, and its unforgiving powertrain. It is also not difficult to drive and is safe as well.

Get yourself one of these, and you’ll be addicted to it. From posers to enthusiasts, this is a car that will make anybody look cool.

Ferrari cars for rent in Malaysia are rare and a treat, especially the 488. Fortunately, if you live in Kuala Lumpur, you can rent one of these bad boys from hyperluxurycar.


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