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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions:

1) What are your operating hours?

A: Our official working hours are from 9am to 7pm daily. If you have an urgent enquiry, call us anytime but before midnight 🙂

2) For delivery, do you do after office hours delivery?

A: Yes it can be arranged. Please give us advance notice.

3) What are the methods of payment for your car rentals?

A: We accept bank-in, Telegraphic Transfer and Cash On Delivery only at the moment.

4) Do you offer unlimited Mileage?

A: Our mileage per day is currently allowed at 250km per day. Additional charges apply. What this means is if you rent for 2 days, you get a 500km total permissible driving range.

5) I’m flying in from the airport. Can I pick up and return your vehicle at the airport?

A: Yes you can. Additional charges apply. Please call us or email us to get a quote.

6) How old do I have to be to rent your car?

A: 21 years and older.

More questions will be added as you ask us more questions so feel free to contact us now.

The Main Question: Why Should You Hire A Luxury Car?

A luxury car is pleasant to drive and fun to bring your acquaintances or loved one around.
These premium cars are high in performance and reliability, hence providing you great comfort and joy in driving. The built in gadgets in the car along with the latest safety feature is a great way to drive it in peace. To simply put it, hiring a luxury car will allow you to enjoy the greatest features of a car without spending too much by owning one.
There are many occasions which allows you to drive your favorite car.

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Impress Your Clients

If you are meeting your client or if you are in a business trip, you need to have a luxury
car. This leaves a positive impression on your client, hence impressing him or her. This
is a great way to attract more potential clients to like you, hence give you the business.
It builds trust and credibility. It gives attention to you and your client in the car with
you whenever you park by the road side for coffee or meeting. This is the reason why you
see the CEO of multinational companies always have a luxury car waiting for them outside
the lobby. It’s because they dress and look successful.

Have A Romantic Session With Your Loved One

The other reason that you need to hire a luxury car is to get romantic with your partner. Taking a road trip by driving a luxury car, listening to soothing music, drinking champagne and relaxing while providing excellent comfort is a great way to impress. You will be spending your day in a unique and special way. It is another way to make a surprise and to impress the person you love. 

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Great Wedding Car

In movies, there are scenes where the newly wedded couple get away in their sports wedding
car. Why not have this experience yourself and get one of our sports car of choice. This
makes your partner’s wedding dream come true. This is a once in a lifetime occasion, hence
you need to look your best. Get your luxury sports car from us now!

There are many more benefits and reasons why you need to hire a luxury car and after the
mentioned reasons above, you probably understand that those cars can be for any occasion
you want. Here are other reasons that you might want to hire one:

  • You will be saving your own car from wear and tear.
  • Your car’s mileage will not increase, hence preserving your own vehicle’s value.
  • You will drive in style with a luxury car without spending much money.
  • Everyone who is with you will enjoy the comfort, safety and style that you bring to them and don’t forget there are luxury cars that will provide you with more seating and also more space for your luggage

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