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Corporate Car Rental

Corporate Car Rental & Leasing Malaysia

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Hyper Luxury Car provides luxury car rental services for corporations that need premium cars such as the Mercedes Benz S Class, BMW 5 series and more. Check out our various cars available at this page. Part of our services also include car leasing services to corporations for long term periods. This allows significant savings for the company of yours while allowing you to hire a premium vehicle without having to purchase one.

Corporations in Malaysia sometimes require luxury cars to transport their VIP, CEO or important executives to important events, venues and occasions. Reason is because it may be a one off requirement or another reason could be there just isn’t enough cars in the company to accommodate the executives at that particular point of time. It is because of this, you should consider leasing these kind of vehicles for you, your colleague or staff to use.

Another benefit of hiring premium vehicles from us is that we can also provide a driver for you should you require it. This will save you time on hiring a driver and this is actually optional. If you have your own driver then you do not need to engage from us.

Welcome into Chrysler 300 Limo

The use of a luxury car cannot be overemphasized. It is becoming significant year by year. It becomes the biggest growth contributor for both of the owner as well as the organizer of corporate events. It makes the corporate event more interesting to those who see luxury car as they make their way in the entrance of your event. With a limousine luxury car, it provides comfort and style. Further, it enables  truly outstanding service intended for the transfer  to and fro corporate events. This will exhibit luxury and class.

The use of a luxury car is an essential part of a wedding event and this includes corporate celebrations such as launching of  a new brand of a car or product or anniversary of the announcement of new joint ventures.
VIP guests are provided with luxury vehicles to service their transport needs, that includes tours in places where the company has its branches or sub-offices.
For weddings and other church celebrations, the bridal car vehicles are used by the principal parties and sponsors to the event.
Several types of vehicles, usually, luxury ones and the latest models, usually, are preferred, and the package include a competent and courteous chauffeur. They are already  familiar with the rules such as where to pick-up the guests, their destination and where to park. They are also alert all the time to keep an eye on the guests’ schedule such as when will be they be out  of the church or the venues of the events.
The event coordinator, usually, recommend to clients to include the service of car rental companies.
In principal cities almost anywhere in the world, the success of corporate events include well-planned details from car service until the last part of the celebration.

Enquire from us now to find out what cars we may have for you, or even go to our booking page to check out what we currently have and at what prices.

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