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Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire For Hire

You have saved some money for a luxury trip with your friends/family, but you haven’t thought about your transportation. Maybe you have saved enough for some car rental, but not to buy your own luxury car. That is why there is a great solution for you and that is the Toyota Vellfire. This is a car that is sporty and luxurious at the same time, which will give you the best experience that you will ever get on your trip. This model is not cheap, but with a luxury car hire, you will have it for less money and you will get a wonderful time in exchange.

Great comfort, drive and most importantly, high safety features are the main reason that you need to hire the Toyota Vellfire. 

What is the first vehicle you will think of when a trip back to your hometown comes to mind? What about comfort, convenience and spacious seats  for occasions such as weddings, a fancy function perhaps… How about having to know that you will be chaeffur driven from point A to point B? I bet you the Vellfire will be one of those topping the list!

Sensation Of Driving A Toyota Vellfire

The engine of this luxury car will provide you with a great performance thanks to the 4-cylinder DOCH engine type and capacity of 2,362 cc. The powerful performance guaranteed by the power of 170bhp and a Torque of 224Nm. The fuel consumption is 11.6 km/l. If you have chosen between cars and you haven’t decided yet, then take a look again at the Toyota Vellfire because it is something that you shouldn’t miss.

The driver is provided with greater controls on the steering wheel and also has a keyless engine start. Plus, there are the auto headlights, the Bluetooth interface and the Electrical retractable side mirrors.

The Interior & Exterior Of The Vellfire

The Interior and Exterior features are even more than you can find for this type of luxury car. In the exterior features there are the HID headlights and the Front fog lamps. For a sportier look there is the 16”sport rims. However, when it comes to the interior you and the passengers will have the comfort that you need for a great trip with adjustable front seats. Other interior features that will come in hand, are the climate control aircon, the rear aircon and the dual-zone. 


The Safety & Security Of The Vellfire

Security is probably the number one feature that you are looking at and with the Toyota Vellfire luxury car you will get the best safety and security. This means that you will be driving relaxed because you will be sure you and everyone else in the car is well secured. There are 6 airbags and ABS brakes and the best traction control. For more security there is the smart key, the electric tailgate and the remote release booth.

Hiring the Toyota Vellfire will be the best decision for the trip you have been planning for a long time. You will be able to guarantee to the people that will be traveling with you great comfort, high driving performance and most importantly safe and secure trip. You are having the chance to drive or to be driven in a comfortable luxury car and if you are traveling with children you will be more relaxed thanks to the great safety features that the Toyota Vellfire is providing.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Toyota Vellfire now by Making A Booking or Contact Us Now!

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