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Jaguar S Type Car Rental Malaysia

Jaguar S Type Car Rental Malaysia – Luxury Car For The Masses

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Jaguar, the name itself sounds so prolific that there is nothing more to describe about it. Having a Jaguar with you is enough for you to stay silent and show your characters to the outer world. This brand has been in the car industry for 100 years now and has leaped bounds every decade. With is excellent features and prolific looks, this car just gets people to get attracted to it like a magnet. Car lovers and collectors generally drool over a Jaguar that has made the car to hold one of the most prestigious positions out of all the cars. With its unique look and sheer class attached to it, this car is one that you would like to posses or hire to feel its essence.  The Jaguar S Type provides great reasons to rent this car: for travel and feel.

Features of the Car:-

  • The Legacy from where the Jaguar Originated: – This car is a mid luxury car that came into the spotlight in 1988 at the Birmingham Motor Show. It has received wide fame and accolades since its inception making it one of the best cars of the jaguar series. The car was produced in Birmingham and designed by Geoff Lawson.
  • Intensely Popular Distinguishing Traits: – For the former models, this car had a U shaped console and was later replaced by touch screen navigation controls. Touch screen around 2003 was rare and for a car to be able to have touch screen navigation controls was a big accomplishment.
  • Advanced Powertrain Technology: The S- type version can be powered by a variety of diesel and petrol engines. With an increased capacity of 4.2 L from 4L, this car has the strength to go far and provide better mileage. The Ford Duratec engine makes sure that the car holds its shape and structure even through the wild rides. Although, this engine was only available to the North American countries, it has become available for most of the countries of the world in the present time.

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  • Hiring it is a Great Option: – The mentioned features do reveal a fact about Jaguar’s essence and class that cannot be matched by any other cars. Also, the terrific features and the strong built makes sure that the car has the capacity for a long run and will serve for many years. Because of the fact that the cost of Jaguars are massive and the company not selling them so easily, hiring them from Jaguar S Type Rental Malaysia seems to be a much better option.
  • Rental of this car does the job: Renting the Jaguar S-Type makes sure that your travel in the country takes place in one of the best cars of the world that allows you to experience the features and exhilarating outlook of the car. This makes sure that the travellers have a good mindset and can enjoy the travel to a much better extent.

Hence, Jaguar, the name is enough to flaunt its features, has many reasons to get hired to feel its quality. If you are truly looking for a classy car like Jaguar and to have an amazing ride with your loved ones but cannot afford it, then hiring it from HyperLuxuryCar.com can be the perfect option.

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