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Beach Wedding VS Hotel Wedding

Pro & Cons Of Both Wedding Types

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Weddings are something where a lot of planning and strategy goes in to make it memorable and worth cherishing for the people involved and invited. Simple things gone wrong often can wreck a wedding party to a monotonous gathering that everybody wants to escape from. And the venue selected is no different in nature. We shall look at the pros and cons of two of the most common and trendy wedding venue choices, i.e. the hotel and the beach and see where they stack up.


Hotel is the ideal place if you are keen on the accommodation aspect of the wedding. You will likely get suites for individuals and family with various needs along with concierge and staff service. Not to mention all the additional facilities you get – spa, pools, game rooms, bars, parking lots, laundries, etc. But if you decide to take it to the beach, you will need to make sure that accommodation is provided nearby in a decent form – not makeshift tents.

Location and Travel Expenses

Hotels are often constructed in and around travel hubs to let tourist easy access. This means that you will likely have a nearby airport, freeways, and maybe even ports i.e. people can very good accessibility and the sheer location will surely not turn away anyone. However wedding at a beach implies you would be looking for a quieter and less crowded beach i.e. a place less visited by. This means it will not be the center of a transportation hub and surely no airports nearby. But you can easily arrange for travel – luxury coaches and private cars or even helicopters can take care of that. But don’t be surprised if that swells your budget by a substantial amount.

The Atmosphere

This is where beach wedding will pull ahead. The sheer view of the waves crashing on the beach and the breeze and possible a hilly backdrop will create the perfect natural setting. Hotels can go very generic in nature with general cuisine and lawns. Customization will be limited unlike a beach party where you will arrange things to your will down to the last detail. Unless the hotel itself is situated on a cliff overlooking a beach, don’t expect gorgeous photographs amidst nature. While transportation may not have been the forte, a scenic beach party will surely be more memorable.

Management and Total Expenses

Hotels will have negligible rentals compared to the whole cost of the wedding and thus will save you some to be spent on more luxuries. While for a beach party, you will have to arrange everything – from furniture to food to washrooms to medical care in case of emergency. This means you are bound to face a challenge in the management department. Not to mention you will have to look out for Mother Natureherself i.e. insects, dust and the worst – a thunderstorm.

While a beach wedding may seem way more complicated, if you can pull it off, it will definitely make a more memorable wedding. As for the conservatives who would not prefer to take risks, a hotel is definitely a better setting.

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