Luxury G-Wagen For Rental In Long Roads

We provide rental of Mercedes G63 G-Wagen on advanced bookings. This vehicle is suited for wedding car rental, family vacation across states and corporate VIP rentals.

The Mercedes G-63 is a 4WD SUV terrain vehicle that is a luxury class of its own. The design has not changed much since 1979 in its classic Boxy type look.

The G63 is a V12 which is very limited in units available. It has a 440 horsepower engine and can run from zero to hundred km/h in just 6.6 seconds.

The unique part about this car is that its exhaust pipes are at the rear passenger seat’s left and right side instead of the usual rear most section of the vehicle. They are real exhaust pipes and are not positioned there for show in Malaysian roads.

Should you require such a tank on our KL roads, contact us below: