Luxury Medium SUV – The BMW X3


This model of the BMW X3 is known as the G01. It is the current model and has the newest features a BMW X3 can have in the year 2021. It is suited to be a wedding car and long term leasing for corporate clients.

BMW X3 Side View

The Side view of the BMW X3 G01 is distinguishable through its sports rims. The multi-spoke rims will attract enthusiasts that you are a person who values quality.

BMW X3 Back View

The rear lights are the real distinguishing factor of the current X3 model vs the previous model.


BMW X3 Steering Dashboard

Look at the comfortable leather seats, new gear knob design and the BMW Steering wheel. It brings joy just to be on the driver’s seat.


BMW X3 Rear Seats

If you have friends or children, they will enjoy the rear seats and it has rear air conditioning too.



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