Movement Control Order Luxury Car Rental – Stay Safe in A Luxury Vehicle During the Covid-19 Pandemic


The covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. What was once perceived as a periodic illness has now become a way of life. The pandemic has affected people differently. Many have lost their loved ones and their livelihoods. For some however, there’s a feeling of being lethargic. Regardless, there’s a Movement Control Order imposed in Malaysia like many other countries at the point of this writing in June 2021.

Let’s examine a sure-fire way to deal with it.


Partying in limousine

What Is the Movement Control Order?

The Movement Control Order is an order by the Malaysian government for the citizens of Malaysia and its expats to maintain social distancing. The order imposes a lockdown, or a smart lockdown which doesn’t allow excessive gatherings, unsafe recreational activities, and more. The covid-19 virus is known to spread through human contact, and in some cases, it didn’t even need that.

Now, while the lockdown has potentially saved the lives of millions, it has been unkind to many as well. As mentioned, people have struggled with their businesses and jobs, while on a lighter note, many feel homesick. Now as far as the first problem is concerned, there isn’t much that can be done about it. Only a select few can solve it. For the issue of homesickness, there is a solution.

The law doesn’t prevent you from driving around in a limited capacity. Driving is great because it is just you, your car, and the road. You don’t need to engage in contact with anyone else. Hence, this is a great way for you and a significant other to let off some steam by driving around. But not in just any old car. This is the perfect time for you to get that favorite luxury car that you’ve always dreamed of.

But why a luxury car?


How Can Luxury Cars Help During the Movement Control Order?

First of all, the trend is to everything personalized. Personal gyms, personal computer and now personal cars. If you are going to rent a car, rent a luxury car from us. And one affordable luxury car that we recommend is the BMW M Sport 3 series.

Well, it is because they’re loaded with the latest gizmos and gadgets along with the poshness that makes them more than just a vehicle. A luxury car will magnify the amount of fun that you get with each trip. A simple reason to rent a luxury car is to drive on the highway can turn into a memorable cruise due to the comfort suspension and brilliant infotainment that you’ll be spoiled with.

Add a family member or member(s) based on what is allowed in the state that you live in. You’ll certainly brighten up their day by giving them the ride of a lifetime. For most people, driving around in Porsches, Bentleys, Mercedes and Range Rovers is more of a bucket list item. Getting an exotic like a Ferrari or a Lambo is even more of a rarity. Try to make it happen, and here’s how you can.

BMW M Sport in front of house

What Is the Best Place to Rent a Luxury Car in Malaysia?

There’s only one problem; luxury cars are very expensive. So, does this mean that you’ll have to spend big bucks? No, not in a million years. The concept is to rent a luxury vehicle. This means that you’ll rent it whenever you’re in the mood and are tired of sitting at home. Return it when you’re done and have a big smile on your face after the joyride that you’ve completed. And at, rental of a luxury car is now made affordable.

You’ll be happy because you had fun and didn’t get infected by any diseases. The government will be happy because you’re respecting the lockdown and car about your fellow citizens. But make sure to stay in touch with whatever the government is saying about the lockdown, so you’re not breaking any rules.

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