Fast Cars In Malaysia – Should You Rent Them


Doesn’t matter where a person is on the personality spectrum, they probably love fast cars. The reason is that fast cars are much more than vehicles that will get you quicker from A to B. They are a way of life and carmakers tend to make them as outrageous as possible. With that being said, let’s take you through the concept of a fast car, and fast luxurious car rental Malaysia.

What Are Fast Cars?

There should be no rocket science when it comes to talking about what a fast car is. It should be a car that’s quicker than your usual ride. However, as mentioned before, car companies are competing at an unimaginable rate today. The speeds of Lambos and Ferraris of the past can now be found on high end versions of many mid-sized pickup trucks. What was fast once might not be fast by today’s standards.

So, what makes a fast car then? For starters, the acceleration matters the most. With more traffic than ever and speed limits being as authoritative as ever, one can’t think about the car’s top speed in most situations. So what matters is the acceleration from 0 to 60mph (0 to 100kph), unless you have access to a decommissioned runway of course.

A good acceleration depends on the type of vehicle you have in mind. If it is a sports car then anything over 4 seconds is unacceptable. If it is a small saloon, then you cannot go over the 7 second mark; the Mercedes E250 proves the point here. Undoubtedly, most exotic cars such as Porsches and Bentley coupes can be much quicker – often around the 3 second mark.

Comparing two fast cars can be a bit more difficult. When one of them has a slower acceleration to 60mph, the other can just have a higher top speed. This means that the car can be slower while you’re in a drag race, but faster on a rolling start. Not that you should do drag races or anything. A fast car is a thrilling piece of machinery, but only in the hands of a person that can handle it.

Porsche 911 front

What Is the Importance of Fast Cars?

Now that we’ve decided what a fast car is, what can one do for you? Many things, but the main idea is that you get to places faster. Yet, overspeeding cannot be encouraged. The best thing about a fast car is that it can thrill you like nothing else can. Even the smallest burst of acceleration can lead to a burst of adrenaline and dopamine.

Fast cars are also more expensive than the standard cars in the industry. Plus, they’re designed to be more aggressive looking and sounding. Hence, they bring with them a cool factor that will make the driver look awesome, even if they’re stuck in traffic. A fast car can impress your friends and make your haters love you. Even if they don’t, you can drive off and leave them in a trail of dust.


BMW i8 Rims

Renting Fast Cars

Buying a fast car might not be suitable for you for many reasons. For instance, you won’t be able to handle it on a regular basis and it might be too flamboyant for your tastes. Then there are the higher prices and maintenance costs. This is why renting a car was invented. Imagine you’re in a city like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a fast car will compliment you well.

What Is the Best Place For Fast Car Rental In Malaysia?

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about fast cars. Now it’s time for you to enjoy them even further. If you’re looking for a fast car in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; call Fabian now at +601933-64503