BMW i8 Luxury Car Hire

The BMW i8 that we rent out is a Hybrid type which uses both battery and engine power. It has a sporty wing door type and is available to rent in Kuala Lumpur. Here are some gorgeous photos for you to view before considering to rent one.

BMW i8 Back View With Wing doors opened

The rear view of this vehicle is the one which tells everybody that you are driving a BMW i8.


Inside BMW i8 Dashboard

When you are inside, you will discover that you are in a futuristic vehicle which is out of this world.


BMW i8 Dashboard Computer

The dashboard computer tells you exactly what you need to know. Things to look out for and how much are you pushing the engines.


BMW i8 Driver side interior view

Being in the passenger seat itself makes the driver proud. Lots of latest technology in the driver’s control.


BMW i8 Sports Rims

The tyres are run flat type and you do not have to worry about hitting a nail in the road. The gorgeous rims will impress others at traffic lights.


Another BMW i8 Model That We Have For Rent:

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